What is a Niche Website?

This article answers the question, "What is a niche website?" A niche website is a site that is focused on a narrowly defined subject. The concept of a niche website is very important for a person learning to build a small business or hobby website. These topics are covered:

  • What is a Niche?
  • The Tight Niche Website
  • Example of a Niche Website

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What is a Niche?

For our purposes, a niche is a narrowly defined theme. It's a subject with limits. All of your site's content (information) stays within these limits. If you have a niche website, your niche is the narrow subject that your site is about.

The Tight Niche

For a one-person website, a tight niche is very different than a website that has many people working on it. With a one-person website you must do all the site building, article writing, promoting etc.

To give yourself the opportunity to be successful, narrow down your website's theme into a tight niche. Don't try to be all things to all people in your field. Do not create articles for your site about many different unrelated topics. If you do, your site will get lost in the "sea" of websites out there and never be found. Even if people do somehow make it to your site, they will rarely find the information they are looking for.

Keep your niche tight. If you find other interesting topics that are not in your niche save them. You can always create another site in another niche.

Ok... You are an Italian restaurant owner. You decide you want to create a site that will help bring visitors to your restaurant. Creating a site about Italy would not be a niche. The topic is too large. It would take too many articles to cover the country of Italy. Instead, focus on a specific niche that is of interest to people who like Italian food.

Your keyword research may reveal that "Italian Recipes" are being searched for frequently. Now that is do-able. One person could write enough articles and/or create enough recipes to cover the field of Italian recipes, especially if you are passionate about Italian food. In this case, all of the content on your website would have something to do with Italian recipes, cooking techniques, spices, etc.

Be sure to do your keyword research in order to find exactly what people are searching for. Then create articles/recipes based on that research.

When people come to your site looking for Italian recipes you give them the best recipes and information ever. Then you invite them to your restaurant. :-)

Example of a Niche Website

Ceiling Cleaning Answers is an example of a niche website. Ceiling cleaning is a niche subject. The subject could be covered by one person writing many articles over a period of time. The owner provides many other services too. But this site only focuses on ceiling cleaning so it can be classified as a niche website.

There certainly doesn't seem to be any other ceiling cleaning sites out there trying to provide information (other than sales pitches). This site could dominate subject of ceiling cleaning in the search engines if it stays focused on that subject.

You MUST choose a tight niche for your small business or hobby website if you expect to be successful in attracting visitors from the search engines. A niche will also please the visitors that make it to your site. For more information please see: What is a niche website?

Website Building Tip

For our purposes, a niche is a narrowly defined theme.

It's the focused area of information that you cover on your site.