Link Building Tips Part 3

You've learned about inbound links in Link Building Tips Part 1.

You've learned about using directories to get inbound links in Link Building Tips Part 2.

The last part of this series covers these topics:

  1. Exchanging Links
  2. Outbound Links

Exchanging Links

Another way of getting high quality inbound links is to exchange links with another site. Find non-competing sites that are related to yours and ask them if they would like to exchange links. Only pick high quality related sites otherwise you are just hurting yourself. Use the toobars mentioned in the Outbound Links section below to help you determine the quality of a site.

But before you go to all the trouble of researching sites and trying to talk people into exchanging links you might want to try Value Exchange (It's free!). Value Exchange is a group of dedicated people interested in exchanging links in an ethical manor. Be sure to read the tips before you join - they're very infomative. You'll be pleasantly surprized.

Before you submit your application read all of the information they give about the types of sites they allow to join. They're picky.

Outbound Links

Outbound links can also help to provide value to a visitor and for that reason they can help in your search engine optimization. Both search engines and directory editors look at outbound links as a value providing service.

All outbound links should provide additional value to your visitors. In other words, you should link to pages that give more information or give a different way of looking at things.

One outbound link to a high quality website is plenty for any article. Only link out to websites or pages that are on the same topic as your article. Thoroughly check out any site you are thinking of linking to. Visit the site and read some of what they have to say. Two good (and free) tools to use to help you evaluate a site are:

  1. Google Toolbar - This toolbar will tell you the Google Page Rank of a site and also has other features.
  2. Alexa Toolbar - Alexa offers a toolbar and has several ways to investigate a site. For example it will show you the Traffic Rank of a site as well as its related links.


A new small business or hobby website must have a link building strategy. Without a strategy you are liable to waste a lot of time on this aspect of search engine optimization. The link building tips discussed in this 3 part series give a good foundation for your links program. Use this link building strategy so that you can quickly get back to doing what you need to do most - run your business.

Website Building Tip

Find non-competing sites that are related to yours and ask them if they would like to exchange links.

Only pick high-quality sites that are related to yours, otherwise you are just hurting yourself.