Link Building Tips Part 2

You know about inbound links from Link Building Tips Part 1, now you need to get a few. This part of the link building tips series will show you how to get a few high quality inbound links.

These link building tips are important for the beginning website builder. Without a link building strategy your site will never really get off the ground. You need a few high quality inbound links for search engines to consider your site to be a valuable resource. Some search engines will not even "see" your site unless you have inbound links.

Link building topics discussed here:

  1. Major Directories
  2. Second Tier Directories
  3. Specialty Directories

Major Directories

A directory is a site containing links to other sites organized into categories and sub-categories. The sites are reviewed (sometimes) by editors for quality and content. Once your site is accepted into a directory, you will be able to see the link in its proper category.

You can get valuable inbound links by submitting your site to major directories. Submitting to major directories should definitely be a part of a small business' link building strategy.

You will need at least 30 pages of valuable information on your site. This is because they are looking for sites that add value to their directory. A few pages of run-of-the-mill content won't do.

Before you submit your site to any directory be absolutely sure that it is in proper working order - no broken links, easy to navigate, and reasonably attractive. Read each directory's instructions completely before submitting.

Be sure to submit to the category of the directory that best fits your site!

Here are the top three major directories to submit to:

  1. Yahoo Directory - Being accepted into the Yahoo Directory is regarded more highly than any other directory. It will serve as a valuable inbound link. Being listed in this directory will help you to jump start your site. It will probably help you most in the beginning but use your own judgment on this one. It costs $300 a year. (ouch!)
  2. Open Directory Project - As a small business, you definitely want submit to this directory because you will get the most bang for your buck - it's free. Unfortunately, it can take months for them to accept your site. Sites are reviewed by volunteers.
  3. LookSmart - Not as important as it used to be but still worth submitting to.

Second Tier Directories

Second tier directories are not as well known as major directories but still count as relevant inbound links. Here are a few examples you may want to submit to that are under $60 (one time fee):

  1. GoGuides.Org
  2. Directory @ The V7 Network
  4. Wow Directory

Specialty Directories

Little niche directories are also a good bet to help you get ranked higher by the search engines. Submit to any of these that are appropriate for your site's theme. A good place to find these little specialized directories is Search It! (It's free!). The link to Search It! is at the bottom of the page. By the way... This tool has many other features that may be valuable to you.

Using Search It! to find Specialty Directories

Search It!

Step One: Click on the Search It! link above. Read whatever you are interested in or just go to the bottom of the page and click "Search It!"

Step Two: Select the category "Inbound Link Opportunities".

Step Three: Select any of the various search types.

Step Four: For directions click on the link that says "Click Here for information about completing search type after completing step one and step two."

Step Five: Enter the appropriate keyword(s) for your site.

For more link building tips see Link Building Tips Part 3.

Website Building Tip

Before you submit your site to any directory be absolutely sure that it is in proper working order.

In other words your site should have no broken links, be easy to navigate, and be reasonably attractive.