How to Create Content

Wanna learn how to create content for the Web? In a nutshell… keep it short, simple, and directly to the point. Read the list below. Then every time you create a web page read it again to be sure you have covered all the points.

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People read Web pages differently than they read a murder mystery or a novel. Website visitors read between 20% and 29% of a web page. In other words they scan the page.

People on the web are in a hurry. Often they come from other pages and are looking for specific information… fast.

Do you know who your targeted visitor is? Male? Female? Rich? Poor? Athlete? Couch potato? Once you find out exactly who your visitor is then speak to that person with your content. Pretend you are talking to that exact person when you write your web page.

Here's a list of points to keep in mind when creating web content:

  • Just be YOU when you are writing. Don't phony it up. People see right through it. Don't try to write like other authors your have read. They aren't you. Be yourself.
  • Write with passion.
  • Write with friendliness.
  • Start with the conclusion. Yes… get right to the point. Then, after you state the conclusion give examples to make it clear.
  • Use plenty of sub-headings. Don't try to get fancy or clever with sub-headings. Just say what the next topic is about.
  • Use highlighted words (bold, italics, or hyperlinked) to accent important information.
  • Use bulleted lists as often as possible often when appropriate.
  • Cover one idea per paragraph.
  • Keep paragraphs short. Use half the words (or less) than if you were writing a book or school paper.
  • Keep pages between 300 and 500 words long.
  • Know your visitor. Write for your visitor. Write as if you were talking to your visitor.

The average reading level on the web is… 7th grade? Yes it's true! Keep your words simple. Keep your sentences simple. Keep your ideas simple. The most important thing is to get your communication across to your visitor.

After you write your page have someone proof read it. If no one else can proof read it for you, put the page down for a day. Then proof read it yourself. There isn't much that will scare away visitors as fast as a lot of spelling mistakes.

If you understand and apply the above list your readers will thank you. They might even come back to your website! Re-read that list after each page you write. If you miss anything go back and fix it.

Now you know the basic points to keep in mind when creating web content. As time goes on you will see how many web authors do not write well for the Web. If you want to learn why you should create content see this article: Create Content Pages.

Website Building Tip

When you are creating content think of your visitors needs first.

Don't make the mistake of making every page a sales page.

The majority of your site should be information that is valuable to your visitors.