Free CSS Editors

Been researching free CSS editors lately? If you are new to CSS or just learning how to build websites this article is for you.

Just beginning to learn Cascading Style Sheets? Try this: CSS Tutorial for Beginners.

At the time this article was being researched these were the "top" free CSS editors (in no particular order):

  • TopStyle Lite
  • CSSEd
  • Simple CSS
  • A Style CSS editor
  • TS Webeditor
  • JustStyle CSS Editor
  • Eledicss

More than likely any of those listed above will work for you. Some of them have additional functionality. For instance, TS Webeditor has the capability of editing Perl, HTML, and JavaScript in addition to CSS editing. Others have interesting "point and click" interfaces.

The web designers I know use the CSS editor that comes with their HTML editor or web development tool. Many web designers use Dreamweaver for web development. It has CSS editing capabilities.

For the beginner or part-time website builder it's not a bad idea to use one of the above editors while you are learning or until you find you need a more powerful editor.

Recommendation for Beginners and Hobbyists

If you would like to try out some or all of these editors, go for it. It will take time though. There will be a learning curve for each one especially if you are just beginning to learn CSS. If you are like most people you are probably very busy.

If all you need right now is a CSS editor, just use TopStyle Lite. It's simple, intuitive and it will take care of all your needs for a good long while. I've used it for many years. The chances of a beginner or hobbyist needing a more powerful CSS editor are slim. There is also a 'Pro' version that you could upgrade to if you find the need for more features some time in the future.

Here is a quote from their site:

"The interface is extremely adaptable, enabling you to preview the current style sheet from within the editor itself and locate elements within the style sheet easily and quickly. In fact, TopStyle Lite makes every aspect of CSS creation extremely easy. If you're an old hand at style sheets you'll be surprised at the time this package will save you. And if you're a novice you'll be grateful for its error reporting aspect."

Download page and more information: TopStyle Lite.

More information: Free CSS Editors.

Website Building Tip

CSS editors are handy to have around - especially for beginners.

But once you get some good experience and have your style sheet set up you can easily make your style sheet modifications in a text editor.