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You have come to this site because you want to learn how to build a website. You also want to learn how a website works from the ground up. Great!

Build Your Passion!

Are you passionate about something? Tired of the shaky economy? Like what Obama is doing? Want to promote your business? What about a family portfolio site?

Share your passion with the world! Learn how to build a website from scratch. You can do it for very little money - even free!

Take Advantage of my Experience

Cha: 12+ years experience in website building. Cha Tho

Take advantage of my 12+ years of experience building websites and 5+ years as a professional web designer. I've packed lots of solid information into this site for you.

Here you will find "Introductions" to many website-building subjects - covered from the beginning. The subjects of HTML, CSS, web design, JavaScript, search engine optimization, web hosting and others are explained in a way a beginner can understand.

Wanna roll up your sleeves and learn how this stuff really works? Cool, let's do it! The main subjects you need to know are listed below. Start with the first one and work your way down.

YouÂ’ll learn only what you need to know about:

  • The Basics of the World Wide Web - It's important for someone learning how to build a website to know the basics of the World Wide Web. Do you wonder how web pages show up on your computer at home? These articles cover how the World Wide Web works.

  • Build Your Own Website - Want to build your own website? Totally new to making websites? Built one or two in the past? Read these articles. They will help you save a lot of time in the long run.

  • HTML Tutorials - Wanna create web pages? New to the subject? These tutorials start from the VERY beginning. Basic HTML is a prerequisite to CSS and JavaScript. Read these helpful HTML articles.

  • CSS for Beginners - What the heck is CSS anyway? Why do they call it Cascading Style Sheets? How does CSS work? These CSS tutorials are for people with little or no CSS experience. See for yourself.

  • A Javascript Tutorial for Beginners - What is JavaScript? What can I do with it? Read these articles to get you started using JavaScript on your site.

  • Web Design Basics - What are the worst mistakes a beginning web designer makes? This article may be the best beginning web design article on the Web.

  • Search Engine Optimization 101 - Are you interested in how you can get free traffic from the search engines? This section empowers the little guy by "boiling down" the very large subject of search engine optimization into simple ideas. Check it out.

  • What is Web Hosting? - These articles explain what web hosting is and offers tips on how to find a good web host for beginning and part-time website builders.

Let's get started... :-)

Website Building Tip

Thinking about building an online business?

Choose something you would do even if you never made a dime, something you love with a passion.

Your passion is the only thing that can guarantee your success.